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Laser Band – Software Level 2

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This is a software package that is used with our Laser Band v2.0 product. It is an expansion software designed to provide a wide variety of additional games, music and sounds. The software allows the child to play all the great music, Simon Says and other memory games, and percussion sets using your Windows-based computer’s mouse, keyboard, or other input device. This will allow individuals who might not be able to use the Laser Band console the opportunity to express their musical creativity and enjoy fun memory games.

Software Level 2 expands your Laser Band functionality with 50 more songs and 50 more instruments!

The software also works great with smart boards where you can “touch” the beams to play the sounds. This makes a wonderful addition to a classroom or other setting with a smart board in place. Put the Laser Band v 2.0 software on your smart board and turn your classroom into an interactive concert!

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