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About Us

PlayAbility Toys designs and manufactures exceptional toys and other products for home and clinical environments. Our products include unique toys created to meet the needs of children with special needs and our new Nurture Smart line designed to enrich the lives of children while they are in the hospital. Our award-winning products have been bringing joy and the gift of play to thousands of families for over 15 years!

We use only the highest quality materials, and our products are subject to rigorous safety reviews and inspections. Children, families, educators, and clinicians who use our toys can be assured that they are safe, fun and will meet the promised developmental objectives.

Product development at Playability Toys focuses on:

PlayAbility employs unique design and production processes that set us apart from other toy producers. Our team of toy makers includes individuals who are exceptionally qualified to design and produce specialized, high-quality toys. We have also found that a collaborative approach where input is received from multiple sources results in the creation of unparalleled products. This collaborative design process allows us to craft unique features that both increase the level of enjoyment for children and provides various developmental or educational benefits.

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