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Fun with Abby & Alyssa Book Series 2

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Book Series 2 includes Bedtime, Family, and School

Fun with Abby and Alyssa is a series of educational books designed to introduce early readers to American Sign Language (ASL). These books encourage early readers to learn ASL by replicating the signs demonstrated in these books. Each book focuses on a different set of related signs. Abby and Alyssa will demonstrate how to sign a particular word and encourage the reader to make the sign themselves. All books also contain the ASL signs for the alphabet and numbers 1 through 10.

Developmental Benefits

  • Sign language acts as a bridge to speech and language by “turning on” areas of the brain that are inactive due to the breakdown in spoken language. Sign language provides a way for all children and especially children with special needs to express themselves. Sign language helps to promote:
  • Language Skills
  • Word Recognition
  • Hand/Eye Coordination
  • Fine Motor Skills

What makes these books even more special is that Abby and Alyssa are both real girls that have significant medical challenges. These girls are the friends every little boy and girl would like to have! The books are great for children with special needs and others. They not only teach ASL but promote inclusion and acceptance of differences.

In Series 2, which includes “A day ends at Bedtime”, “A day with our Family”, and “A day at School”

Abby and Alyssa continue their exploration of American Sign Language (ASL) by focusing on everyday activities at home and in school.

The Abby and Alyssa series is sold in sets of 3 or more books. The author (Grandpa Don) expects to write many books for the series. Each book will chronicle daily activities in the lives of his two granddaughters and teach ASL associated with these activities.

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Play Ideas

Book Signing – Try to sign an entire Abby & Alyssa book instead of reading aloud. Abby and Alyssa would be so proud!

DIY Book – Expand the line of Abby & Alyssa books by creating your own stories and adventures. Themes can focus on an upcoming event like a vacation. This helps kids prepare and anticipate new adventures.

I Spy – Play a version of the game “I Spy.” Find a person, place or thing and sign it for others to guess what you see to practice signing.

Action – Caregiver and child can record themselves signing to each other to watch how signs are interpreted with facial expressions and body language too.

Body Language – Sign language is all about body movement and facial expressions. Try to practice various facial expressions and body language for different feelings. This type of play helps build kids’ social/emotional skills.

Flash Cards – Make flashcards of the words that are signed throughout the Abby & Alyssa books to help with memory and recall. How many can you remember?

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