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Jacob’s Rib-It-Ball: 14 Inch

Suggested MSRP: $27.00

SKU: APH 1-07513-00

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These fun balls are easy to grab and have high contrast ribbing. Crinkly fabric in the ribs adds an auditory component.

Jacob’s Rib-It-Balls are latex-free inflatable balls that have been designed in two-color combinations, making them easier for visual coordination. They are available in three sizes: 14 inch (red/yellow), 18 inch (blue/yellow), and 30 inch (black/yellow). The 30 inch ball is sold with a foot pump.

*This product is sold through the American Printing House for the Blind under the Quota System.

Note: Rib-It-Balls are not designed to be used as a therapy ball. Excessive weight should not be placed upon them.

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