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Shape SENSEation

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“Simply SENSEational!” Shape SENSEation™ is a visual and tactile matching toy consisting of six different soft shapes loaded with visual and tactile stimulation. Each of the six shapes — Circle, Star, Crescent Moon, Triangle, Heart and Square — is symmetrically divided so that children with special needs can pull apart and match according to shapes, patterns and textures. Each shape has distinct visual and tactile combinations, including a raised rib design bordering each shape, which makes it ideal for all children including children with blindness or low vision. Shape SENSEation is packaged in clear vinyl zip tote that protects and organizes the pieces. We have even included a Play Activity Guide and Lesson Plans to help your child get the most from this wonderful toy.


  • Six (6) different pull-apart shapes
  • Multiple fabric combinations
  • Gentle and distinct textures
  • Symmetrically divided shapes
  • Raised ribbing

Play Ideas

Place & Trace – Kids can place the shapes on a piece of paper and trace them with colored pencils to feel the different textures on the shapes and the kinesthetic movement of creating the shape.

Matching – Match the shapes to objects in the environment. Triangle ice cream cone, circle hula hoop.

Mismatch – Mismatch shapes together with the Velcro and create silly names for them like a “hangle”– heart and triangle to promote language and creativity.

Patterns – Create a pattern with the shapes to promote problem solving and sequencing skills. Add other objects into the pattern from around the house like a toy car to make it more challenging.

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